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You stared in shock at the scene before

Your boyfriend of two years was with
another woman. And not just any woman: Elizabeta. She’d been
your “rival” for about a year and a half. You could
barely call it a rivalry though, because it was clear that your
boyfriend Roderich preferred her over you. You continued to watch
with tears threatening to spill over at any second. Sadly, that
second came sooner than you anticipated: Roderich leaned down and
kissed her, something he never did for you in the two years you were

You couldn’t take it anymore. You
dashed with blurred vision toward your best friend’s little
café. No matter what happened in your life, (friend’s
name) was always there for you. You hoped that would hold true today.

*Time skip to café~*

You walked in slowly, most of your
tears dry by now. (Friend’s name) looked up from the counter
and her eyes widened as she took in your appearance. She beckoned you
over and patted your shoulder when you approached.

“What happened?” she asked,
voice full of concern.

You shook your head, not wanting to cry
in a public place for the second time today. (Friend’s name)

“Can you do me a favor then?”
she asked after realizing you wouldn’t talk. You nod, hoping it
wasn’t something crazy.

“Good. I need you to wait
upstairs. There’s someone I want you to meet. He should be here
in about fifteen minutes.”

“Please don’t try to set me
up again…” you mutter. She looked at you with a ‘how
dare you think I’d do that’ face. You shook your head and
did what she told you, taking a seat at a table near the large back
window. You continued to brood over the past event and flinched
violently when your phone vibrated. The message shattered your heart

‘I can no longer be seen with a
woman of your figure. You embarrass me to no end and you never seem
to take a hint. I have decided to begin dating Elizabetta, and in
courtesy to her, you and I will never come in contact again.

                                        P.S.: If you’d like to
date again, I suggest losing weight’

You gripped your phone so hard, you
were amazed you didn’t crack the screen. How dare that jerk
call you fat!? You were only ten pounds above your “healthy”
weight, and losing weight isn’t exactly easy!

You sighed in defeat. Why were you so
surprised? This was nothing new. Roderich always verbally abused you.
Whether it be for your weight, your personality, or some random
reason that only made sense to him. You held your head in your hands
and blocked out the world from your sight.

About ten minutes later, you flinched
yet again as you heard someone running up the stairs.

“Yo, excuse me!” a man
yelled as he threw open the door, making you drop your phone that you
still had in a death grip. You leaned down with a sigh to get it, and
when you looked up, you saw the man sitting across from you at the

“Sorry about that,” he told
you, “Is it broken?”

You glanced at it and were almost
disappointed to see it was still whole.

“No, but I wish it was,”
you answered him honestly. He raised an eyebrow at this.

“Why is that? It looks like a
nice phone.”

As you pondered a way to answer him
without sounding like a complete wreck, you took in his appearance
for the first time. He had short silver hair and ruby red eyes. He
looked abnormally pale, but it went with his other features so well,
you didn’t mind it. The thing that stuck out most however was a
small bird resting on top of his head. The little creature made you
smile from just looking at it.

Noticing your spacey look, the man
waved his hand in front of your face. “You with me?”

You snapped to attention, realizing he
was still there.

“Um, sorry. Uh, my name’s
________,” you told him with a flush of embarrassment. The man
chuckled at this.

“I am the Awesome Gilbert. You
can call me Gil, Gilbert or The Awesome One.”

You gave a small laugh. “I’ll
stick with Gilbert for now, thanks.”

He shrugged. “Have it your way.”

“Does he have a name?” you
ask pointing at the bird in Gilbert’s hair. He gives you a
confused look before realizing what you were pointing to. He gently
lifts the little one off his head and sets him on the table.

“He sure does! This is the
Awesome Gilbird!” Gilbert stated with pride. You laugh at the
similar sounding names and Gilbert’s obsession with the word
“awesome.” You give Gilbird a small pat and smiled at his

Gilbert smiled as well, but quickly
lost it when he remembered his question.

“You still didn’t answer me
_______,” he stated matter-of-factly.

You look up from the cuteness that was
Gilbird. To the admitted hotness that was Gilbert.

You flushed as you thought that. You
had only known this man for a total of less than twenty minutes, and
your last boyfriend recently broke up with you in a rather rude
fashion. You remember his question and decide to just be blunt with
your answer.

“Ah, I was just in a pretty bad
breakup, and I wanted my phone broken so I didn’t have to look
at the breakup message again.”

Gilbert frowned. “Who were you

You sigh and tell him about Roderich
and his verbal abuse, up until the event you just witnessed. You pull
up the message on your phone and hand it to him to read. Gilbird
snuggles into your neck as his master reads, as it to comfort you.

When said man looks up, you were pretty
scared at his almost murderous expression.

“Damn rich brat…” he
mutters, “…goes on about being a ‘gentleman’
and treats a girl like this…”

“Um, did you know Roderich before
all this…?” you ask, worried you might anger him.

Gilbert nods. “Sadly, yes. I
never imagined he’d go this low before.”

“I see…” was your
despondent reply.

After a few minutes of an awkward
silence, Gilbert gets up to go downstairs and get some food, leaving
you alone with Gilbird on your shoulder.

“Wait!” you say, grabbing
onto his sleeve. He looks at you with a startled expression.

“What’s wrong?”

“I-uh, are you sure you want to
leave him with me?” you ask while petting Gilbird and feeling
like an idiot for asking such a question. Truthfully, you just wanted
Gilbert to stay.

He chuckles at your question, “It’s
fine by me. It looks like he likes you anyway,” he says
pointing at Gilbird, who was nuzzling your neck again, as if to prove
Gilbert’s point. “I just need to get some food. Would you
like anything?”

You smile at him and tell him what to
order, and he dashes down without hesitation.

~Little bit of Prussia now~

(Friend’s name) looked up to see
Gilbert rushing down the stairs as quickly as he rushed up them when
he first showed up. She playfully rolled her eyes at him after he
asked for food.

“It’s about time you order
something. You’ve been here for a freaking hour,” she
jokes. Gilbert laughs with her and thanks her for the food and not
kicking them out. Before he got a chance to go back though, she tugs
his sleeve and leans in close, as if confiding in him.

“She’s just like I told
you, right?” she whispers. Gilbert nods slowly.

“I wish you’d told me she
was dating the Rich Boy. I would’ve been here faster if I knew

(Friend’s name) shrugged. Details
never really appealed to her.

“Never mind that, go ask her out
already! She needs someone nice after that jerk!”

Gilbert takes his food and nods in
agreement. “I would have done that without you telling me to,”
he states, leaving your friend speechless.

*Back to you*

While you waited, Gilbird kept you
entertained by just being adorable. You were so focused on him that
you didn’t notice when Gilbert returned with food. You both ate
in silence, with Gilbird nibbling at both of your plates. After you
finished, Gilbert offered to walk you home, which you gladly

As you walk, the two of you talk about
random things that happened to you in life, and you couldn’t
help but feel attached to him. You chided yourself for feeling that
way. Roderich was sweet and kind in the beginning, and look what
happened there. No, you weren’t going to be the one to initiate
this time.

Luckily, it looked like you didn’t
have to.

You approached your door and thanked
Gilbert for a good time before exchanging information. Though, before
you could go inside, he tugged at your sleeve like you had done to
him at the café.

“Yes?” you ask, a little
startled by his action. He took a deep breath.

“Would you go out with me?”
he asked slowly, as if trying to say a new sentence he’d just

Your want for a new start overshadowed
any doubt you had before.

“Of course I will.”

*Extended Ending~ 2 years later*

You walked through the supermarket
while happily humming a sweet song to yourself. You needed to buy
ingredients for your anniversary dinner. Yep, you made it two years
with Gilbert, and they were the happiest two years of your life. You
giggle at the memory and almost didn’t notice when your cart
ran into that of another person. You look up to apologize, but when
you saw who it was, it caught in your throat.

“________?” asked Roderich
in disbelief. You nod, not wanting to say anything to him. He sighed.

“You’re looking well…”
he said in a dejected tone. That got you curious.

“Did something happen?” you
ask in a bland tone. Honestly, you wondered how you were able to say
anything halfway decent to this man.

“Elizabetta and I broke up,”
he stated. You nodded.

“I know how it feels,” you
told him simply. Without another word, you continue your shopping and
get back to the house you and Gilbert now share.

As you walked in, Gilbert looked up
from the work he was doing at the coffee table and was immediately by
your side.

“What happened…?”

“I…ran into Roderich
again…” you mutter, shocked.

Gilbert shook his head. “Don’t
worry about that rich brat. I’m here for you.”

You thank him and hug him tightly. Your
gaze quickly wandered to the small wrapped box on the coffee table.

“Who’s that for Gil?”
you ask and he immediately turns red.

“Uh…it’s for you…but
you can’t open it until we eat!”

You giggle at his child like behavior.
“Fine, I’ll get started right now.”

After an hour or so of food prep, you
and Gilbert sat down to eat. You couldn’t help but feel a sense
of nostalgia. It reminded you of the day you first met. Once you were
done eating, you grab the present immediately and plead with your
eyes to open it. Gilbert gives the okay, and you open the box with
relative care. It was a velvet box. Your heart raced at what you
thought was in it and you look up at Gilbert in shock. He urged you
to open it, and you did so.

Inside was the most beautiful ring
you’d ever seen.

“G-Gil…does this mean…what
I think it means…?”

Gilbert cracked a huge smile and took
your hand, gently placing the ring on it.

“It does. Will you marry me,

Repeating the words of two years ago,
you answer calmly,

“Of course
I will.”

Requested by :iconTSsweetsplz: I hope you like it!

Wow...this is the longest thing I've written so far...
I also put more Gilbird than I intended to, but he's just so cute! :iconyaygilbirdplz:
If you have a request, please message me!

I do not own Hetalia
I do not own You
You are owned by :iconsexyprussiaplz: and :iconyaygilbirdplz:
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Mori-Is-My-Bae Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2016
Roderich hugged your leaving form. "P-please take me back....... Im s-s-so sorry....." You turned around and looked him straight in the eyes. "I'm sorry, but I've moved on. You should try it too." You spoke in a spiteful and hate filled tone. And just on que, Gilbert walked in the doors and up to you. "Hey babe." He spoke huskily. "Hey~" You leaned up and pecked him on the cheek. Roderich looked shocked. "You went for him!? Wake up and realize your stupid mistake (name)! Now come on let's go." You rolled your eyes and turned to walk off. "I think not." You said as you walked towards the check out. Gilbert began to follow you, but not before he punched him in the face. "At least I know how to treat a lady." He said. Then he walked away, catching up to your retreating form.


This is literally what my mind wrote at the grocery scene. I love your story though!!!!!!
LisaxlovesAPH Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Arybii Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
"Yeah my mama she told, boys like a little more booty to hold toniiigght!" - what i thought while reading this. Oh what would our founding fathers say to this. "AWESOME!"

Your welcome. Hetalia Prussia (Laugh) 
DragoShadowing Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Ten more pounds doesn't mean someone's overweight...jeez, I wish the world would realise that.
Rj223 Featured By Owner Edited Jul 22, 2015
May I suggest you listen to Smile by Lily Allen while reading this? It is my emotion toward Roderich.
gracee314 Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2015
I love that song, great choice for this.
Rj223 Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2015
I thought it was too~
Meowhug17 Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2015  Student Filmographer
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Fuck off Austria. Prussia over Austria. I love both people but the moment Austria becomes more like the one in this story I'll immediately hate him.
hellgirl1998 Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Chunji (Teen Top) 
Oh and..

[EXO] Sehun Emoticon 

"Elizabeta and I broke up."
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Territori Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2014
Am I the only one who doesn't hate Austria for what he said? I actually felt bad that Hungary broke up with him ^^; I forgive and forget too quick... amazing story by the way!! I love how you made Gilbird comfort the reader, and Prussia was portrayed perfectly~ :D
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Austria you little bitch! *smile sweetly at Ivan* Ivan dearest, can I borrow your lovely faucet pipe?
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funny thing is, I never liked austria or hungry in the first place. So in all honesty, when I would have saw him in the store, he would have 3 broken ribs, black eyes, and a broken leg. 
lunaflyaway Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2014
You know what......?
Instead of walking off,
I would have walked up to him,
Looked him in his face,
Then slugged him straight in the jaw with as much force as I had.
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"That's what you get you douchebag, bastard....."
Then walked off.
That's how much I hate the guy now.
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Call in Germany.
lunaflyaway Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2015
That's amazing. Hi five awesome person.
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lunaflyaway Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2015
In fact, bring a few extra chainsaws incase of Grells and 2ps
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and Roderich and Elizabeta were not invited to the wedding! The End!
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Extended ending:
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brightpaw8 Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Extended-Extended ending:
And the devil kicked him out because he was such an asshat.
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I hope both of you die in a hole.
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And I love you dear author.
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I squealed X3 I always did hate Austria.... XD great story~ *hugs*
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