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Full Title: What Happened Two Years Ago
You clenched your fists as a weird feeling overtook you. You couldn’t put your finger on it, but you could tell something was wrong. You immediately thought of your close friends, Feliciano and Lovino Vargas a.k.a the Italy brothers. They always got into ridiculous situations and when Antonio and Ludwig weren’t around to help them, they called on you.

You were always happy to help them, even if you ended up laughing the whole time. They were always sweet. At least, Feli was sweet. Lovino-or Romano as you liked to call him-was kind of difficult, but nowhere near as difficult as he is around Antonio.

You were jolted out of your thoughts as you felt your phone vibrate in your pocket.

“Hello?” you ask immediately.

“Ciao, (Name)! Would you mind helping me and Romano with something pretty please?” asked the Italian on the other end.

You smiled. Thinking of the devil does cause him to appear.

“Sure! I’ll be over in a few minutes!”


Both of you hung up, and as you stood, you felt that weirdness come over you again. You frowned in frustration.

‘What the heck?’ you thought, ‘Don’t tell me I’m nervous about seeing Feli and Roma! They’re my best friends!’

Still, you couldn’t shake that feeling. Feli sounded normal, but you swore you could hear some dark undertone. You shrugged.

‘I’ll figure it out when I get there,’ you decided.

-----Time Skip----------

As you stepped closer to the Italian’s house, that feeling only intensified. Forcing yourself to ignore it, you knock on the door.

“Come in Bella~” came the voices of the Italian brothers.

You test the door to find it unlocked. You knew the brothers were carefree, but not this much. You walk in slowly, feeling crushed by your own instincts telling you to get the heck out.

“Aw, (Name), why are you shaking so much?” one of the brothers asked as you walked into the living room.

Despite every nerve in your body screaming at you to turn and run, you look up at the two.

Your jaw dropped. You had no idea what you were looking at, but it sure wasn’t your friends.

The one who you thought was Feli had slightly darker hair and a tan military suit. Romano was the exact opposite, with blond hair and a white designer suit. The eyes of both were drastically different. Feli’s eyes were a mix between pink and purple, and Roma’s eyes were a bright red.

You flinched at the feeling of a hand on your cheek. You look up to see Feli smiling down at you. Something was off though. He looked…hungry. You could feel your body trembling again. Feli sighed.

“This won’t go anywhere if you don’t say anything,” he chuckled. “You sounded so cheerful on the phone, so what happened?”

“Th-That’s my line…” you forced out. Feli looked at you in shock before letting go of your face and bursting out into laughter.

You squeezed your eyes shut. You had no idea why, but hearing Feli laugh at you caused the tears to fall freely. Feli only laughed harder when he noticed you crying. You heard a growl of annoyance from the other side of the room.

“Please ignore my idiot fratello,” Romano told you as he rubbed your shoulders, “He has no clue how to treat a lady.”

Feli stopped laughing and glared up at his brother.

“Now why would you say that…?” he growled dangerously.

“You just spent the last five minutes laughing at our guest while she’s obviously upset,” Romano growled back.

“Shut your mouth bastard!” Feli yelled as he pulled a knife out of seemingly nowhere.

Romano was about to smack the knife out of his brother’s hand, but you were still there, so he decided against it.

You were crying like crazy now. You were frustrated with yourself for it, but it seemed to be a reaction that came with major frustration. What happened to the sweet and tsundere Italians?

Your frustrated guesses were interrupted by Feli roughly yanking you away from Romano.

“Don’t get too close to him. His weakness will rub off on you,” he muttered.

The look on Romano’s face was downright murderous. Without a thought, he launched himself at his younger brother, who fought back without hesitation.

You got away from the jump by the skin of your teeth. You looked on in fear as the brothers fought dirty. Seriously, they pulled at anything they could get their hands on!

“Run (Name)! Get home as quick as possible!” Romano shouted over the cries of his brother.

You obeyed him without question. You ran, feeling a little dazed from the cold night air. If you had looked up, you would have seen that the moon was a dark blue color…


Feli was vigorously shaking his brother by his jacket.

“You idiot! If you hadn’t said anything, (Name) would be in our freaking bed right now!”

Romano didn’t answer. As pretty as he thought you were, he didn’t want to see what his brother would do to you in a bedroom.

Feli smacked Romano across the face, causing blood to flow from a previous knife cut.

“Thanks to you, we have to wait two more years!”

Romano still didn’t respond. He hoped to see you again. Hopefully you wouldn’t be so scared next time.
This is the prequel to the story I wrote a few months back. People requested it, so I finally got off my lazy arse and wrote it!

If you want to see the series: [link]

If you have any requests, please message me!

I do not own Hetalia
I do not own You
You are owned by :iconsexy2pitalyplz: & :icon2promanoplz:
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