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Prussia slowly leads you out into the
backyard, sitting cross-legged on the grass. He gestures for you to
do the same, and you obey, feeling tiredness making your muscles
stiff. He looks up at the moon and appears to glare at it, as if it
were the cause of this.

‘Oh! That’s right! Two of
them said something about the moon…’

“Frau, do you feel any pain right
now?” Prussia asked out of the blue.

“Uh…just my leg now,”
you tell him. That wasn’t the complete truth, but you could
deal with your head and back. He nodded thoughtfully and gripped your
pant leg. You flinch from the touch and Prussia looks to your face in
shock. He didn’t want to hurt you any more than you’ve
already been through…

Realizing what he was trying to do, you
apologize and give him the okay. He gently lifts your pant leg and
his anxious expression becomes one of fury. He gives you a fierce
glare that makes you shiver.

“Stupid! Why haven’t you
treated this yet!?” Even though he was yelling, you could hear
something different in his tone: concern.

“My friends are more important to
me than some cut,” you reply in a much calmer voice than you
thought you could manage.

Prussia stares at you for a moment,
before letting a small smile cross his face. _______ certainly has

He snaps himself out of his thoughts.
“Wait here, okay? I need to get something to treat that.”

‘Finally, someone cares,’
you thought as Prussia rises and goes back into the house. You
stretch your legs out to get a good look at the cut that had been
getting in your way from the beginning. You feel a little nauseous
looking at it, but determine that it was an x-shaped cut that had
been torn to a much larger x by all the movement. To get your mind
off of it, you stare up at the moon. It was directly over you and was
a dark blue. Just looking at it was giving you that weird feeling you
had earlier today.

You sigh in annoyance. What the heck
was going on tonight? Your thoughts then stray to Prussia. His silver
hair was now a light blond like Germany’s, and his red eyes
were now blue, purple and red. He wore a nice dress shirt and jeans;
something you never thought you’d see on him. The most shocking
thing, however, was that he didn’t seem obnoxious or conceited
like usual.

“_______?” the now calm
voice of Prussia asked.


“Please brace yourself, this will

Boy, he wasn’t kidding. It stung
and burned so badly that it made you scream, something you rarely

“This is what happens frau,”
he tell you in an exasperated ‘I told you so’ tone.

You growl at him as he tightly wraps
your leg in medical tape. After he finishes, he lets out a long sigh
and leans back on his arms. You copy this.

“Can you finally tell me about
what’s happening?” you ask, not wanting to delay the
suspense for another minute.

“Ja. We’ll start with what
is happening.” You nod and listen intently as the German begins
to speak.

“Every so often, the ‘negative’
sides of countries make themselves known by overtaking the ‘positive’
sides’ bodies.” He pauses and you nod in understanding,
urging him to continue.

“As for why this happens…well…”
He flushes and squirms a bit at the thought, “it’s
similar to how a human’s lust causes them to…lose

You blush brightly as you realize what
he just said.

“All of them were after me…so
does that mean…” you shiver as well.

Prussia nods. “Ja, they all love
you in their ‘original’ bodies, but have the self-control
to restrain themselves. These ‘alternates’ lack that
self- control.”

You nod slowly. “What causes them
to snap? What defines the breaking point?”

Prussia closes his eyes and points a
finger up. “That would be the moon.”

You give him a questioning look. “What
does the moon have to do with it?”

“Have you ever heard the phrase,
‘once in a blue moon?’” You nod.

“Well look up at the moon and
tell me what color it is.”

“It’s blue,” you
state, not bothering to look up.


You stretch and yawn, already feeling
the pain in your leg die down. Prussia gives an amused chuckle and
gently scoops you up. “You’re staying here tonight Frau.”

You don’t respond. You were
already falling asleep on his shoulder.

-----------Time skip-------------

“There’s one more thing I
need to ask,” you speak up after Prussia places you in the
guest room. Surprised you were still awake, said German comes back
and sits by your bedside.

“What is it?”

“How are the ‘originals’
and ‘alternates’ connected?” you ask, thinking of
your encounters with Italy, Canada, and Russia.

Prussia sighs again. “That…would
be me.”

That made absolutely no sense. “What
do you mean?”

“I’m not quite sure myself,
but I know it has something to do with my ‘original.’”
He gives a dry smile. “Ironically, I am the only one that has
no idea who you are.”

Your eyes widen. “Then why were
you helping me?”

Prussia chuckles and places one hand
gently on your cheek. “It is my duty.”

Before you could get a word in or
control your blush, you feel the German’s other hand run over
your blank needles.

“Well, looks like your claws are
all blunt, Mädchen.” You blush as Prussia leans his
forehead against yours.

“It looks like I won’t be
sharing the same fate as the others tonight,” He mutters as he
gently presses his lips to yours and wraps his arms around your
waist. Your eyes fall closed as a warm feeling takes over you.
Finally, some peace…

All too soon, Prussia pulls off and
gently pushes you back onto the bed.

“You need to sleep Frau. I’ll
see you in the morning.”

“Will you really? Or will you be
back to your old self?”

He blinks as he mulls over your
question. “I will be back to my old self, and unfortunately, I
will not remember tonight. The others will not remember all the
details, only some vague feelings.” He paused before adding,
“They will be back to the way you remember them though.”

You gave a hum of understanding, both
relieved and a little saddened at the thought of Prussia not
remembering being decent, or England being a good baker, or Italy
being confident…

But the Pros outweighed the Cons
majorly. You quickly drift off to sleep with the thought of your
friends being normal once again.

Prussia smiled at your now sleeping and
peaceful form. He felt a little envious of his original for being
able to know such an amazing woman, while he himself knew nothing
about you.

“Gute nacht, _______. Ich liebe

-----------Time skip to the

Prussia was stunned to see _______ in
the guest room the next morning. Half of him wanted to gloat to his
brother about how his ‘awesomeness’ attracted _______
into their house to stay the night, but the other half had a feeling
that that wouldn’t be a good idea.

“I’ll let you off easy
today, _______, but one of these days you will bow down to mein

He said that a little louder than he
meant to.

You woke with a start and frantically
looked around, forgetting where you were. Your gaze rested on
Prussia’s shocked face, and you immediately relax.

“Hey Gil,” you greet, using
his nickname for the first time in a long time, “thanks for
putting me up last night.”

Prussia smirked and laughed that
signature laugh of his. “I’m just awesome like that,
_______. Now get up, I’m making the most awesome pancakes
you’ll ever eat!” Without waiting for a response, he
bolted out, presumably back to the kitchen.

You laugh at your friend’s
attitude as you pull yourself up into a standing position, wincing at
the pain in your leg. You remembered what happened last night, as
well as the fact that there was a world meeting today.

“Hey _______! Breakfast’s
done! Come ‘n get it!”

You giggle again
as you walk out to meet the German for breakfast, thinking about
seeing your friends for what felt like an eternity.

It was good to have your friends back.

Finally, the last person chapter is up! It's been a fun experience, and I'm glad you all stuck with me through it! I'm going to give a little bit more info here:

In normal Hetalia, despite his boasting about being "awesome," Prussia is actually rather forgotten about by most of the other countries, and has almost no say in the world. So, I imagine his 2p as being very important to the other 2p nations, as they were "protecting" him from you by finding you and keeping you. (although their main motive was lust) The other 2p nations owe their memories of their original selves to Prussia for sacrificing his own memory

Also, I imagine the wild personality of his normal self would be sort of "removed" to give the other nations a more aggressive attitude. All this left was his more diligent and chivalrous side to tend to the reader, rather than yet another aggressive country out to get her

As always, here's the link to the into: [link]

I do not own Hetalia
I do not own You
:icon2pprussia: owns YOU!

...Oh, did I mention I will be doing the obligatory "Morning After" chapter? Because I am
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